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Wujiang Zhaoqingfu Textile Co., Ltd. specializes in weaving and dyeing printing processing of human cotton fabrics. It has professional technical talents and technology. It is especially good at doing professional control of environmental protection control of EU foreign trade apparel fabrics, and the production of environmentally friendly fabrics has passed. It is a production and trading enterprise that breaks through the green barriers of foreign trade and promotes the healthy development of textile foreign trade.
Since the establishment of the company, the quality of human cotton fabric has been widely recognized by the cooperative merchants, and has gained a good reputation in the quality control of foreign trade clothing textile fabrics.
Production of cotton twill, human cotton plain, human cotton satin, human cotton jacquard and other products.
We always carry out "good quality, customer service." Paying attention to every detail is our tireless pursuit. Every fabric we produce represents our quality and health.
Every order we complete shows our honor and image, and we sincerely welcome Chinese and foreign businessmen to come to talk. Let us join hands to seek common development and create a better future!