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Cotton fabric

We provide our customers with professional weaving and dyeing printing processing cotton fabrics.

Production of cotton twill, human cotton plain, human cotton satin, human cotton jacquard and other products

Cotton fabric

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Mian silk, ancient refers to the soft silk fabric which is made of woven silk and woven from raw materials and has a soft texture and a thick surface. "Zi Zhi Tong Jian" 173 Chen Taijian nine years note: "Mian silk, spinning cotton for it, today Huai people can weave, thick, durable service."
The chemical composition of "Mian Silk" in today's population is similar to that of cotton, but cotton is not natural cotton. The main component of cotton silk is viscose, which is made from cotton linters, wood pulp and other raw materials. Natural fibers are extracted from them. After processing these natural fibers through special processes, viscose fibers are finally produced. When the viscose fiber is just produced from the factory, it is filament. The fabric is made of rayon, Tencel, ice silk, modal (specially referred to as eucalyptus pulp made of viscose fabric) bamboo fiber (as the name suggests, the raw material is Bamboo pulp) and so on, the name of these fabrics, these fabrics have a special feature, the sinking is excellent.
The viscose filaments are cut into short filaments (usually 33 to 45 mm) similar to cotton fibers, which are called cotton viscose staple yarns (also called artificial cotton, sticky cotton). It is supplemented with other fibers, such as viscose long fibers, natural cotton fibers, and even a small amount of silk, which are spun into cotton.
Viscose has better moisture permeability and better breathability than natural cotton cloth. It is comfortable to wear and cool, but it has poor abrasion resistance. The cotton fabric overcomes this shortcoming with its blending properties and is thicker. But the fall and brightness are not as good as the fabric of viscose filaments.
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